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It is common for people who have been injured at work to think that they have to go to the doctor appointed by the workers’ compensation insurance or their employer. In Illinois, there are laws to protect injured workers from discriminations, so you can go to the doctor of your choosing- including your primary care doctor.

*Most injured workers’ get to see 2 physicians of their choosing outside of the company clinic or employers choice. We help you choose wisely!*

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Family Doctors

Going to your family doctor after a work injury is one of the best things to do; they’re most familiar with your medical history.


The majority of the most common work injuries require the help of an orthopedic doctor or surgeon. We know the best in the region!


If you’ve suffered a concussion or other head injury, a neurologist will help identify any long term damage.


Internists usually see patients with diseases involving their organs, like damage from broken ribs, kidney injuries or a rupture.


Chiropractors can be a key part of recovery from repetitive motion injuries, lifting, pushing, pulling and more.


Almost every work injury requires some imaging done, like x-rays or CT scans. A radiologist reads the scan and diagnoses.


Anesthesiologists assist in pain management and sedation during a surgery. Most commonly surgeons are spine & orthopedic experts.

Physical Therapy

PT helps you recover your range of motion, pain reduction and strengthening.

Most Common Work Injuries:

Lifting Injuries

Pushing & Pulling Injuries

Holding & Carrying Injuries

Bending Injuries

Climbing, Slipping, Tripping (no fall)


Struck by an object

Struck against an object

Falling to a lower level

Highway Incident

Caught In/Compressed By


Repetitive Motions

Assaults & Violent Acts


Loss of Limbs

Hazardous Materials

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