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Injury Angels connects you with the best auto accident doctors for your injury. Plus, we’ll schedule your appointments and coordinate your treatment at no cost to you. The bmest medical care means the best car accident settlements.

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It is common for people who have been injured in an accident to think that they have to go to the doctor appointed by the insurance. In Illinois, there are laws to protect you, so you can go to the doctor of your choosing- including your primary care doctor. Need help finding someplace to go? That’s what we do!

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Family Doctors

Going to your family doctor after an auto accident is one of the best things to do; they’re most familiar with your medical history.


Some auto accidents require the help of an orthopedic doctor or surgeon for injuries sustained. We know the best in the region!


If you’ve suffered a concussion or other head injury, a neurologist will help identify any long term damage.


Internists usually see patients with diseases involving their organs, like damage from broken ribs, kidney injuries or a rupture.


Chiropractors can be a key part of recovery from back pain, whiplash and other bodily injuries from motor vehicle accidents.


Almost every auto accident injury should have some imaging done, like x-rays or CT scans. Make sure you catch any internal damage.


Anesthesiologists assist in pain management and sedation during a surgery. Most commonly surgeons are spine & orthopedic experts.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is another common treatment program for auto accident victims. PT helps you recover your range of motion, pain reduction and strengthening.

Most Common Auto Accident Injuries:


Scrapes & Cuts

Head Injuries

Broken Ribs

Internal Bleeding


Organ Damage

Herniated Disc

Knee Trauma


Neck/ Back Injuries


Traumatic Brain Injuries


Chest Injuries

Broken Bones

Soft Tissue Damage

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