Injured at work or in an accident?

Injury Angels is a free service that coordinates your medical care and directly connects you to a legal team to help you recover faster and win your case.

Have an advocate by your side.

Most people who get injured at work or in an accident don’t know where to start. Injury Angels offers a 24/7 injury helpline to answer all of your questions. Then, we work with you to customize the best medical and legal team for your case.

You’ll be matched with a designated Angel to guide you through this journey!

VIP appointment scheduling & no out-of-pocket costs

We’ll find you the best medical provider you need in the area you live (or work). Plus, we guarantee they don’t have any out-of-pocket costs for you to be seen.

Personalized injury management

We help you recover from your injury by managing your medical care directly with the providers. Then, we gather all of your records and bills to keep your attorney up to date on your medical progress.

Attorneys that win cases

We’ll direct you to the top performing attorneys in the area to win your type of case. After having a free consultation, you’ll be able to hire the best fit for you.

 Get help with your injury today!

What To Do After A Car Accident.

Even if an accident is minor, we naturally become flustered. However, these moments are critical for your cliam. 

Learn more what to do after a car accident here.

What Is Workers’ Comp & How Does It Work?

Workers’ comp, short for workers’ compensation, is a type of insurance most businesses are required to have in order to pay for medical treatment if one of their employees have been injured on the job.

After an injury at work, you’ll need to report it to your supervisor and HR. Most workers’ compensation insurances require injured workers to file their claim within 30-90 days from their injury. If you’re outside of this, you should speak with a workers’ compensation attorney who can assess your situation.

Learn more about workers’ compensation and how it works here.

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